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You are my suns…

15 Dec

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

It is drama (of a real life)

8 Dec

When you feel like you are free to choose and to be chosen, well, you are wrong.

I keep on a positive point of view that the era of myth has been ended since the modernism rules the world. It is wrong baby. It is wrong.

So here I am, I have this dramatic, tragic, love story. *white flag*

God, embrace me *cry me a river*, hoping it is unreal, it is hard tho. xD

*blurrppp blurrppp*

4 Dec

I don’t know what to do, it’s raining outside. Bukan segelas kopi hangat yang aku minum, guess what, cold milk. I have like bunch things to do, but too lazy to start one.

I have lotta things to post, beauty post or poems. Dan semua masih jadi draft.

Well, I have to get a rid off my laziness. Let’s write something.



Oya, by the way, lately I am playing Global Digimon Master Online now. At the first to be fully honest it is hard but later on, it is easy to make money there. (Unfortunately just gave away my ID, bye bye cahayapagi.)

cahayapagi with cahayasore, he was my bf btw *elap air mata*