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Seol Whoo UPDATE

21 May

Seol Whoo UPDATE

I know I have used Whoo Seol for more than 4 months, but, I have no photo files. Hahaha. Tapi sebenernya sih karena efek kulit berjerawat so I have to stop whitening skincare and change it to acnecare. Approximately, I will start to use it again in early June 2013. Semoga aja kerusuhan di jitan ini berakhir segera.

For those who are waiting for my update for Whoo then here it is. I have fairer skin, healtier and moreover better under eye area. U can zoom in for details.

My suggestions, if you have attched with this regime (seol whoo) do not dare try other or you will regret. And if you have acne, stop the whitening product and start heal your acne first, then you can use the whitening again. See you in the next updates. And have a great skin.

Thank u