We deserve to be happy

15 Aug

We deserve to be happy
to be happy for every inch of our body
to be happy from head to toe
to be happy from a feeling wanted

We don’t deserve to be sad.


And just maybe …

23 Jul

And just maybe I can convince time to slow up.
Giving me enough time in my life to grow up.
Time be my friend, let me start again.

Diana Ross-Home


Ketika aku sang…

7 Mar

Ketika aku sangat bisa menerima kamu dengan apa adanya, kenapa kamu tidak?

Aku mencintaimu dengan baik, dengan sebaik-baiknya cinta. I wont stop now. I will always be like this, hingga aku lelah yang entah kapan.


Mi Diosa, Mi Ci…

16 Dec

Mi Diosa, Mi Cielo, pero hasta ahora lejos, no pueden ser el míos…

Sayangku, langitku, kau begitu jauh, tak dapat ku gapai.

One day I told my self,

“Pagi tanpa sore, adalah matahari yang tak pernah terbit. Mentari pupus di peraduannya.”




16 Dec


Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: . Do you believe in God, sir?
Robert Langdon: Father, I simply believe that religion…
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believe in God.
Robert Langdon: I’m an academic. My mind tells me I will never understand God.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: And your heart?
Robert Langdon: Tells me I’m not meant to. Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.

(Robert Langdon, Camerlengo Patrick McKenna ~ Angel and Demon, Dan Brown)

Or in my case. God has taken away the gift from me. Too many failures, and I can’t receive all together in the same time. This time I totally lost my self. I feel like, God has left me.

My last hope, God please, save me, save my faith, if You there, if You still love me.

I beg You.


You are my suns…

15 Dec

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.